Welcome to Coaching Switzerland

ICF and EMCC both have a long-lasting tradition in the anglo-saxon world, where  Coaching has been a well established and esteemed process for further development and decision making.

ICF and EMCC both have been developing coaching as a profession for more than 20 years. Both associations operate internationally and are independent. In the year of their jubilee 2015, they join their forces to offer more clarity on the often-used and at times misunderstood term Coaching. With today’s announcement, they want to increase transparency and the overall understanding of Coaching in the Swiss market.

With nearly 500 members, of whom more than half are certified by either ICF or EMCC in Switzerland, the majority of them are represented by the two associations.


The two associations want to jointly pursue the following objectives:

  • Representation of professional Coaching towards the business and the public.
  • Support of members in their commitment to ethical standards and strict adherence to professional principles.
  • Enforcement of standards in professional Coaching in a local and global professional environment.
  • Promoting the teaching and practice of professional coaching.


The professional coach is recognized because of his/her training, his/her rigorous practice, his/her professional approach towards strict professional ethical standards.

For certified and «to be members», the following principles are binding:

  • Acquisition of coaching expertise through training and practical experience.
  • Commitment to the European EMCC/ICF Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Managing coaching contracts involving the stakeholders.
  • Putting the privacy of the client as a first priority.
  • Respecting limitations of own professional competence.
  • Roles, ethics and composure when exerting professional activity.
  • Identification and avoidance of conflicts of interest.
  • Supervision to secure quality anytime.
  • Continued specific professional development.

Advantages and Benefits of ICF and EMCC in Switzerland

  • The two largest associations of a global alliance with a local presence in many locations in Switzerland.
  • Networking to exchange ideas and to enhance awareness of the markets.
  • Mediation between divergent interests between coaching clients and contractors.
  • Authority to apply sanction procedures in the case of violation of professional principles.


What is Coaching?

By Coaching, we understand the creative and constructive partnership of a client with a coach through deep dialogues and reflection. This process aims at helping the client to make optimal use of his dormant capacities to unleash his/her full personal and professional potential.

Thanks to coaching, the client learns to precisely define his needs and to take tangible measures to purposefully achieve his goals and desires.

Through coaching the client becomes more self-aware and encouraged to make meaningful decisions in the future.